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Storage Logistics

Our company possesses an area as big as 64.000 m2. You can find us in H-1173 Budapest, Hatarhalom str.2. On our property, there also is a 3.000 m2 huge canopied yard of which 2.500 m2 consist of a closed warehouse with loading ramps and rail connection with the possibility to transact goods between truck and train. The whole warehouse is secured by an alarm system, sufficiently insured and under constant inspection. Above all, we have a Linde stacker that is able to carry goods that weigh up to 2,5 tons.

Our storage services are described in the following:

  • Commission Stock

    We have two warehouses. Both are 1.250 m2 big and 8 m high. They even have a loading ramp on each side of the hall. Above all, we provide an open warehouse that is 500 m2 big and other stockyards on our property.
  • Packaging

    We pack your goods so that a professional transport is enabled.
  • Commissioning

    We dispatch goods that you store in our warehouse according to your instruction. Thus, it is adequately packaged, sufficiently labeled and afterwards delivered to your customers.
  • Labelling

    If your foreign client forgot to affix a label in Hungarian language, we certainly will do this for you.
  • Depot Management

    Each delivery is recorded in our computer and can easily be checked and reconstructed. Furthermore, we write a delivery note and take stocks.
  • Charge Forward

    We offer you "Collect on Delivery" which means that your client pays the price for the received product or service at the time of delivery. In short, we cash the money from your customer.
  • Trans-Shipment Centre

    On the one hand we allocate a place where goods are reloaded on another truck and on the other hand it's possible to transship your products from a train on a truck or the other way around.
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