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Social policy

Our social strength is your strength
A qualified social policy is very important for the "Internationale Spedition Schneckenreither". When we speak about the efforts of our employees, we have to distinguish between people that are capable to do the job and those who display great motivation for the business. In fact, the ability to work can be referred to talents, education and experience. Above all, feedbacks, a diversity in tasks and the character of the task play an essential role regarding the person's willingness and ambition to work.

Our social policy is especially characterized by
  • valuation of the efforts of our employees
  • successful integration of foreign employees
  • the motivation and dedication of everyone due to our efficient communication policy
  • the careful way of working because of clear structures
  • our social solidarity
  • the optimization of productivity because of precise targets
  • equal opportunities
  • the contiuous training and further training
  • the sensitisation of the employees in reference to our corporate policy

Due to a great collaboration, we achieve our targets!
By now since 1996, we regularly submit to several tests of certification bodies. We already possess an award according to ISO 9001.

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