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Quality policy

Our quality is your quality
Our company's philosophy is the foundation on which we have built up and developed our basic attitudes towards quality and environment.

The quality of our services is especially apparent in respect of
  • meeting deadlines
  • minimizing losses
  • cost-performance ratio
  • all-in solutions
  • delivery service (international transactions)
  • flexibility of delivery (large logistic projects and small logistic projects)
  • conditions of delivery
  • adherence to quantity stipulations

We guarantee achievement of our quality targets through
  • a transparent organization
  • adequate communication/information
  • teamwork/project management
  • reliability of every individual employee
  • clear and comprehensible quality targets and agreements
  • customer orientation - external and internal
  • appropriate qualifications and continuous further training
  • internal and external audits

By now since 1996 we regularly submit to several tests of certification bodies. We already possess awards according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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