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Environment Policy

We also think of your future
We regard it as a duty to take care of our environment. Therefore, we obey prescribed laws and regulations and pay attention to environmental problems. Moreover, we try to find a solution for conflicts with our nature or attempt to avoid or improve them.

The consequent implementation of measures that have been taken in order to protect our environment enables us to realize environmental advancements.

How do we contribute to the protection of our nature?
  • We avoid empty drives.
  • Our trucks are steadily equipped with the lastest technology.
  • We inform our clients about a reasonable packaging.
  • We combine transportation as far as possible.
  • We avoid litter.
  • We practice waste separation.
  • We carefully deal with energy.
  • We set value on logistic optimization.
  • We train our employees concerning our environment policy.
  • We optimize the waste management concept of the Schneckenreither group.
  • We submit to internal and external audits.
  • We always watch out for possible dangers.
  • We constantly improve the transport of dangerous goods and its management.
  • We reduce the waste of paper by increasingly using computers.

We take for granted to renew our facilities and to adapt them to the latest state of the art. In 1999, we obtained a mention called "Ökoprofit-Betrieb" and in 2000, we were examined by EMAS. Since 2000, we submit to an inspection of our environment management system according to ISO 14001.

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