HSI Hungarian Schneckenreither Kft.
H-1173 Budapest, Határhalom street 2. Phone: +36-1-253-0590, Fax: +36-1-258-1445

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Our company is a subsidiary company of "Internationale Spedition Schneckenreither GmbH" in Ansfelden, Austria. As a result, our main job is to organise international transports. In fact, flexible transport and cargo services that we offer to small or medium-size companies allow us to fulfill the requests and orders of our clients. Our services include combined shipments, part loadings and full loadings, as well as a potential custody of goods in our huge warehouse


  • International Transports

    We basically carry out our shipments with trucks throughout the European Union, in Croatia, Turkey and Switzerland.
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  • General Cargo

    We offer regular freight transports and general cargos to and from Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, etc.
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  • National Transportation

    Our department "National Transportation" predominantly deals with the general cargo and the delivery of goods....
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  • Storage Logistics

    Our company possesses an area as big as 64.000 m2. You can find us in H-1173 Budapest, Hatarhalom str.2. On our property, there also is a 3.000 m2 huge canopied yard of which 2.500 m2...
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Cégünk Budapest 1173 Határhalom u. 2. sz. alatti telephelyén azonnal kiadó 1250 m² – 9 méter belmagasságú raktárcsarnok közúti és vasúti rakodórámpákkal. Ár: 450 ft/nm-től.
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